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If you’ve landed on this blog post then I assume that you’re keen to learn about online money-making ways. Of hundreds of thousands of lucrative digital earning options, affiliate marketing is attracting people’s attention considerably.

However, for a certain percentage of people who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, here is a short definition.

| When you promote someone’s product or service and generate sales, you make a specific percentage of commission. |

At first, this commission-based money-making model seems very easy but the actual challenge is getting traffic to products and services. Many marketers usually promote affiliate products & services via paid ads. But, paid promotion is not something that everyone can afford. So, there is a requirement for a strategy that can pull in a lot of traffic and sales without the investment of a single penny.

And, SEO Affiliate Domination course is all about making money through affiliate marketing with zero investment.

This blog post will leave you with zero doubts and queries about the buzzing SEO Affiliate Domination Course.

Let’s get started…

Who is Greg Jeffries and how did he get rich?

Before taking up any course, it’s crucial to know about the creators. If the course creator doesn’t look and feel like an authentic personality then there is no use in enrolling into that particular course.

For your information, the SEO Affiliate Domination course is created by Greg Jeffries. He is an American affiliate marketer who has 10+ years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Greg Jeffries

Being one of the successful affiliate marketers, he put his expertise and knowledge to create SEO Affiliate Domination Course and launched it in the year 2017. Since then, he has become famous, which assisted him to build a brand as his course is truly fantastic and result-oriented.

Some of the mind-boggling facts about Greg Jeffries are:

  • Made about 6-figure income in a year with his knowledge and experience in SEO & affiliate marketing.
  • One of the winners of dream car of Clickfunnels.

This is all about the creator of the SEO Affiliate Domination course and his success story.

What is SEO Affiliate Domination?

The course name “SEO Affiliate Domination” is self-explanatory- Dominating SEO algorithms for generating affiliate traffic and sales.

SEO Affiliate Domination is a 12-day course that will help you learn website creation along with multiple strategies to rank on search engines by dominating the SEO algorithms.

SEO Affiliate Domination Table of Contents

This result-oriented course is helpful for affiliate marketers as trainees will get important tools, resources, well-explained modules, and a step-by-step procedure guide that will help you generate a consistent source of passive income.

Why should I buy the SEO Affiliate Domination course?

This is a major question in the minds of the majority of people thinking to enroll in this course. The clear answer to this question is generating a source of consistent income to stay financially secure.

There is nothing wrong with paid promotion techniques for generating a great affiliate income but why shell out money when you can do it for free. Affiliate marketing can make you rich if done in the right manner- of course, it’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s 100% possible. You too can make 5 figures consistently with affiliate marketing just like Greg does. You just need to understand the right and practical strategies that work in affiliate marketing for traffic and sales generation.

The course will help you learn affiliate strategy creation that can give you huge profits over time.

Who will benefit from Greg Jeffries SEO course?

The SEO Affiliate Domination course is beneficial for all. Whether you’re a successful businessman, a professional, or even a student, you can get excellent value from this course.

There is no prerequisite of any particular qualification, skill, or technical experience. Your passion to work hard and smart is all you need.

What topics are covered in the course?

Greg Jeffries has tried his best to pass on his experience and knowledge to his trainees through his course modules. The course modules are extensively informative yet detailed for better understanding.

Here are the modules that you’ll be taught and trained on during the SEO affiliate domination training:

The SEO Basics

On the first day of training, you will get an overview of Search Engine Optimization. To elaborate, you will understand what is SEO, how SEO performs, how to structure a site, and the basics of HTML.

Module 1

This interactive session will also help you know the importance and performance of different elements of a website such as content and design.

Domains and Hosting

Having knowledge about domains and hosting is necessary for website creation. On the second day of training, you will be trained on what a domain & hosting is, and the difference between .com, .net, .biz, and more.

How to register domains

After you’ve understood all about domains and hosting, Greg will make you learn how to register a domain for your website. But, before you choose a name for your website and purchase it, the trainer will give you insights on how to buy multiple domains at a cheap rate.

Setting Up Your Hosting

Now, on the fourth day of SEO affiliate domination training, you will get to know about hosting. The module will give an explanation of the appropriate hosting server along with the procedure to set up hosting, and connect domain & hosting together.

Working on hosting in WordPress will also be taught on this day.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms to create a website. On the 5th day, you will be getting training on WordPress Themes

From choosing an appropriate theme to customizing it, you will learn everything from scratch.

WordPress Plugins

Apart from the WordPress themes that can give an attractive look to your site and generate leads, you will learn a lot about different WordPress plugins that will help you to manage your site with ease.

All about Keywords

According to successful SEO masters, SEO is a game of keywords. Keyword research is all that can make you win or lose the game.

In this module, you will understand how to do keyword research for your niche and pick up the most ideal ones for your products and services.

Keyword Planner

In the 8th module, you will be trained on keyword planning. Right from accessing & using tools to getting ideas for related search terms (keywords/keyphrases), Greg will provide you with detailed knowledge.

Keyword Research Tools

This session concentrates on how to find keyword ideas using different keyword research tools and Google’s autocomplete. A detailed guide will be provided on long-tail keywords.

On-Page SEO

Content plays an important role in the on-page SEO of any website.  In this module, you will learn how to research and write titles and content for your site. You will understand how to create user-friendly content for your websites. Greg will help you learn the entire process of content optimization and why search engines pay attention to the quality of content.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another important element of this course. This module will help you learn how to make your content rank on the first search results page. You will learn how to create backlinks for your website so Google understands that you’re a legitimate business and you’re offering value to the users.

Just like on-page SEO is all about content, off-page SEO is all about creating backlinks. The more good backlinks you create the more authority Google will give to your website.

Pros & Cons of SEO Affiliate Domination

This SEO Affiliate Domination course review is incomplete without discussing its pros and cons. I know you all are waiting for the pros and cons of this course. I have separately discussed its plus and minus points so you can take an informed decision about enrollment.


The Facebook Group

The SEO Affiliate Domination course has an exclusive and active Facebook Group that only paid members can access. If you have any doubts on any topic, you can simply post it on this group and can get it resolved.

Best SEO Course for Beginners

Those who’re looking to start a career in the field of affiliate marketing can get a huge benefit from this SEO course. You can truly get great insights into this domain and can get started quite easily as it provides you with all the basic details about SEO.

Direct Learning from Greg Jeffries

Unlike other SEO masters, Greg Jeffries has proved himself in this field and fulfils his claims successfully. This is the reason why he stands out from other experts.

What I like the most about Greg is that he openly shares his secrets to get rich along with his income that motivates me a lot and probably a lot of people around the world. And, there can be nothing great if he is allowing learning from him directly. It’s a big plus point.

Live Q&A Session on Weekly Basis

By enrolling in SEO Affiliate Domination Course, you’re enrolling into a long-term thing. As you become a part of their members-only Facebook group, you become a part of their weekly live question and answer session, where you can always ask your questions.


Can be Overwhelming for Beginners

This is a definitive course for learning affiliate marketing as it provides you with multiple tricks, tips, and strategies to make money online using the affiliate model. Although it is useful for all, beginners can find it overwhelming. The reason behind this is beginners want to apply all the tips, tricks, and strategies immediately, which may or may not work as great as they can work for experienced heads.

Don’t Expect Refunds

The SEO Affiliate Domination program doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee or refund feature. So, you should be mentally prepared in advance for this fact. This means if you are not able to complete this course then it can be a waste of your money.

However, it’s always best to give your time to get the full value of your course fee.

SEO Affiliate Domination Pricing

SEO Affiliate Domination is a paid course and different from other SEO courses that are available in the market.

This course costs $497 for a lump sum payment. Don’t worry, the course creator is offering you an EMI option.

Some of you might find this course pricey but to be honest, this is completely worth it.

People who are taking an SEO course for the very first time may consider it over-priced but they can take it as an investment as Greg is providing great value in the form of secret tips, tricks, and strategies of affiliate SEO.

Important Point: Get your money back

“Get Your Money Back” doesn’t mean that you can get your money refunded for whatsoever reason. This means you can recover your money by earning it back via affiliate commissions. Once that is the case, you have to show that to Greg and once he approves, he’ll send you your money back!

SEO Affiliate DOmination Testimonials

So, this is highly important to have a clear understanding of what “Get your money back” means in the course.

SEO Affiliate Domination: Scam or Not?

Even though you’ve gone through my SEO Affiliate Domination review, some of you may still doubt “Is SEO Affiliate Domination a scam?”

To be honest, it’s not! It is a 100% legitimate course that brings results.

If you want, you can check out testimonials of other people who have already taken up this course to know how it turned out for them. If others have been able to make money after this course then why not you!

You just need to work smartly and by following the strategies told during training.


To conclude, this is a perfect investment for all, from beginners who want to make a career in affiliate marketing to those who want to use it as a passive income source.

This intense course will help you learn a lot about affiliate SEO.  From basics to advanced strategies, this course will make you equipped with all the knowledge.

Talking about the expensiveness of the course, it is undoubtedly an expensive one but it can help you make $100 to $200 per day- And this amount is at the initial stages.

I’ve already mentioned several times in this blog post that you have to work hard and smart in the field to make things work out for you.

At last, I will love to give 4 stars to the SEO Affiliate Domination course.

I hope you liked my SEO Affiliate Domination review.

In case, you have any thoughts in mind on this course, do share with me in the comment section below!


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