OMG Machines Review (Newest Version)

OMG Machines Review by Keith Jackson

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing field of the digital marketing landscape. What worked for you a few years ago, won’t really make sense today as the Google – algorithms are constantly changing. With more and more internet marketers and online businesses realizing the potential of advanced SEO courses, the competition is only getting tougher.

Therefore, the OMG Machines Review is here to answer all your queries when hunting for the best SEO Course online. Coined by Greg Morrison and led by dozens of self-made digital marketing coaches, OMG Machines has caught the attention of thousands of wannabe internet and affiliate marketers looking for an all-inclusive program to take their online business to the next level.

Before we start: Let me show you some proof, that I’m an actual OMG Machines member. Check the screenshot below, it was taken while Greg Morrison was explaining “The 5 Rules of On-Page SEO” in his SEO Bible 2020.

OMG Machines Members Area Proof

You can clearly see the lessons of the course to the left, which is proof that I have taken the screenshot from the actual member’s area of the course.

Alright, enough talking, let’s dive into my OMG Machines Review!

What is OMG Machines?

OMG stands for “One Man Gang” which hints at what you can expect to become with this money-making online training program. It provides tools and a powerful training system that allows people to make money online without any prior skills.

It trains people from scratch about the what and how of digital marketing and much more. It turns you into a one man gang of a young entrepreneur, consultant, affiliate marketer, and SEO and digital marketing expert.

The OMG Machines Review explores everything you need to know about this program.

One Man Gang Machines is a 90-day training system that leverages proven strategies to provide you a reliable career path as well as an income source for online business. It not only provides access to a community of skilled experts but also keeps the digital marketing experts updated with the ongoing research and changing algorithms for online business.

The program offers extensive knowledge focused on advanced SEO.

It increases the possibility to get extensive knowledge from the community of professionals in the program. What to expect from each professional in this training is explained further in the OMG Machines Review.

OMG Machines explained in detail

First, let’s dig a little deeper into the history of the program, its genesis, and learn about its creators. This will help you get an idea of whether the program is reliable and you’ll see that the founders with strong digital marketing backgrounds know what they are presenting to the table with the make money online system.

History of OMG

Kelly Felix and Mike Long teamed up to launch an information product on Clickbank. The product called “Bring the Fresh” taught the basic version of SEO and other things in the OMG program. Here, Mike Long found Greg Morrison, one of the most popular SEO gurus, who was part of the “Bring The Fresh” community.

Bring the Fresh by Mike Long


Greg had been in the SEO game for a long time now, more than a decade. Mike Long wanted to unlock his true potential as a guide and coach for the advanced SEO course when he saw Greg answering queries and providing actionable solutions to the members of Bring The Fresh community.

Around 2012, OMG Machines came into existence with the core team being Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and David Mills. Over the years, the community grew, from hundreds of students to thousands, and currently, the OMG family is 1000+ members strong.

Who are the creators?

Greg Morrison, David Mills, and Mike Long are the founders of this, 90 days, advanced Search Engine Optimization course. Breaking down the roles of the core team, here’s a quick lowdown.

Who is Greg Morrison?

Greg Morrison is the coach and expert who creates most of the video lessons. He is responsible for testing and experimenting with the strategies and techniques that are taught in the program.

In the Search Engine Optimization system, Greg Morrison talks about everything he did to make money online using SEO. He reveals everything that goes into a money-making website from scratch and how he ranks it on the first page of search engines.

He created OMG websites to make money for himself and end up creating step-by-step doable and actionable solutions that everyone can use. Anyone can create such websites for their online business with a continuous income stream if they follow Greg’s footprints to rank for the optimized keywords and other SEO related content.

Who is Mike Long?

The marketing and promotions are taken care of by one of the founders, Mike Long. He builds JV relationships with affiliates and other influential figures to promote the product and spread the word. He is the first person who greets and welcomes you when you join the program. Although he is 7 figure revenue generator, he is always there for members and to answer their queries.

Who is David Mills?

David Mills works in the backend, for the most part. He is the mastermind behind the program. Although he is less known to the people who aren’t familiar with the program, OMG wouldn’t be the same without him. He is the creator of the Law of Implication, on which the whole SEO training system is built.

In a nutshell, Greg Morrison is the SEO expert, Mike Long is the marketer, and David Mills is the brain. Together, they keep exploring and finding ways to improve the program and adding new training content.

What’s inside the program?

Who are the coaches of the program?

One of the most important sections of the OMG Machines Review is the community and coaches of the program. In a way, coaches are what made One Man Gang meaningful. They entered the program as newbies in the SEO game and wannabe millionaires. Well, some of them have not only become the most successful millionaire digital marketing agents but are also teaching and training others as coaches with OMG.

Some of the prominent instructors with their topics are:

  1. David Mills – Strategic planning, success mindset, sales and conversions
  2. Greg Morrison – SEO, traffic and lead generation
  3. Mike Long – Affiliate sites and website conversion
  4. Fletch – SEO
  5. Joe Margfolio – YouTube domination, affiliate marketing through Clickbank and CPA, and outsourcing
  6. Steven Floyd – Local SEO and traffic
  7. Liz Herrera – Amazon and paid ads
  8. Jayme Washington –  Client acquisition and follow up

What to expect from the training and coaches?

Let’s talk about the contributors at length and their strengths as coaches as any OMG Machines Review is surely incomplete without talking about them.

David Mills

David Mills OMG Machines

David Mills, the mastermind and brain of the program, has developed excellent personal development strategies for students. He works tirelessly in the background and shares the highs and lows that help students understand the importance of commitment to your goals.

His strategies are focused on self-development, confidence, progress, and harnessing success through an achievers mindset. He mostly operates in the background but can be seen talking at live conferences.

  • LoI 2018 Capstone Series
  • Mastery of Frames Series
  • 2013 Law of Implication Training
  • 2018 Crushing the Game
  • 2018 Rigging-The-Game Replays
  • 2017 Alchemy
  • Super Human Performance
  • Conversion and Client Getting
  • Dimensionality Replays
  • Breakthrough Stacking Series

Greg Morrison 

Greg Morrison OMG Machines

Greg Morrison breaks down his teachings into 3 different multi-part strategies for ranking on Google. Each of his Google Ranking strategies is targeted at free traffic strategies that involve off-page (backlinking) and on-page optimization.

Next, he uses an important blueprint focused on keywords, time-saving tools, and add on the blueprint for profoundly simple pay per click, and proven and tested successful outsourcing strategy.

If you follow his step by step action guide, everything seems less complex and complex SEO becomes doable.

Greg Morrison talks about the following:

  • How to build a money site from scratch
  • Client Acquisition and Monetizing through Affiliate sales
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and free Google Rankings
  • Outsourcing
  • Business Goals and Objectives
  • Over the Shoulder for the mold remediation site
  • Shortcuts vs Cutting Corners
  • Time wasters and Motivation Killers
  • Passion, Enthusiasm, and Gratitude
  • Enforcers, Employees, and Entrepreneurs
  • and much more.

What’s updated for 2019 in Greg Morrison coaching:

  • Treasure Map Series:
    • Treasure Map pg 1
    • Treasure Map pg 2
    • Treasure Map pg 3
    • Treasure Map pg 4
    • Treasure Map pg 5
    • Treasure Map pg 6
  • Greg’s SEO BIBLE
    • SEO Bible Hub Page (4 pgs)
  • Link Purchasing!
    • Greg’s Purchasable Link System!
  • Greg’s New PBN Training
    • PBN Training Pages (2 pgs)
  • Greg Office Hours Webinar Replays
    • Greg replay page
    • Treasure Q&A webinar replays
  • Website SEO Pillar 1:
    • Sink or Swim
    • (Anchor Text, URLs, and Natural Linking)
    • Anchor Text, Titles, URL’s Page
  • Website SEO Pillar 2:
    • On-Site Structure
    • Website Structure Main Page
  • Website SEO Pillar 3:
    • Website Supremacy:
    • (Blog Networks and Money Sites)
    • Supremacy Main Page

Mike Long

Mike Long

Mike Long needs no introduction. He is not only the founder of OMG but many other successful projects aimed at young entrepreneurs willing to make money online.

As far as website conversion and niche affiliate marketing goes, Mike Long has witnessed huge success. He shares the knowledge in his webinars and other training materials with One Man Gang community members. As a coach, he is famous for the following:

  • OMG Funnels!
  • Red Carpet Conversion 2017


Fletch from OMG Machines

Fletch is one of the most friendly, lovable, and welcoming guys in the One Man Gang community. He is not only a remarkable SEO coach but also a true inspiration for struggling wannabes in digital marketing. As a coach, he hosts regular “office hours” where he trains students and encourages participation for more knowledge worthy stuff.

  • SEO 101
  • Fletch Live Webinar replays
  • Fletch’s 2019 replays!
  • Fletch’s 2018 new series
  • WordPress 360
  • Quality Site Base Series
  • OMG Funnels Webinar with Mike
  • Fletch on Pay-Per-Lead

Joe Marfoglio

Joe Marfoglio

Joe Marfoglio has contributed so much in terms of affiliate marketing that the number of students pursuing affiliate marketing has surged dramatically over the years. One Man Gang is successful in affiliate training where the coaches share their backstories, struggles, do’s and don’ts, and income reports as proof of their success. Joe Margfolio is one such name in affiliate marketing who has shared his knowledge with the OMG community.

  • 2019 youtube Domination!
  • 2018 replays: Outsourcing OTS
  • Web Design with Joe and Mark
  • CPA Monetization
  • Affiliate Monetization
  • Using ClickBank (w/ Joe Marfoglio)
  • Clickbank Pt 2 (w/ Joe Marfoglio)
  • Video Marketing Mastery
  • Joe’s Extensive Outsourcing Rundown
  • LaunchJacking Plus replay(s)
  • Reverse Marketing and more (w/ Joe Marfoglio)
  • Joe’s 2017 Webinar Replays

He does something called “Hot Seat” where he helps members unlock their true potential, by encouraging them, answering their queries, and guiding them through their actions. After participating in “Hot Seat”, many members have seen major breakthroughs in their online business.

Steven Floyd 

If you are into e-commerce and looking for some serious tips and strategies to make it work, Steven Floyd is the man. He trains students about improving their Shopify and e-commerce stores by explaining strategies for traffic and lead conversion. He is an expert when it comes to local SEO and gaining traction.

  • A-Z Local SEO Digital Agency
  • Core System Walkthrough
  • Stephen’s Ascension replays
  • Stephen’s 90-day stream
  • Stephen’s Illumination replays
  • eCommerce 101 through Advanced
  • 5-minute tips compilation
  • Important SSL instructions
  • Client ROI Explanation
  • WordPress and Website Security
  • Stephen’s 2017 misc replays

Liz Herrera

Liz Herrera

Liz Herrera is a skilled professional when it comes to paid advertising and PPC. She is recognized in the digital marketing circle as a resident Amazon mogul. The listing optimization, Remarketing conversion, and paid ads are her USPs.

  • 2019 SpecOps replay page

Jayme Washington

Jayme Washington is known for getting clients and follow up. You can find more about him at Jayme Replay and Resource Page.

Other instructors, contributors, and coaches are:

  • Mike Swanson PPC and List building
  • Affiliate Keyword Research (With Alex Gould)
  • Conversion Mojo Main Page (w/ Travis Sago)
  • Brad: inside an SEO Agency
  • All about SEO Client Consulting
  • Red Carpet Conversion Main Page
  • Affiliate Archive Page (w/ Mike Long and others)
  • David Hood’s 2015 Strategies

What’s inside the Member’s Area?

A basic overview of everything you can expect from the program is given, which is unavoidably important for an unbiased OMG Machines Review.

Local SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and e-commerce are the three major sections of the system.

Local SEO

Local SEO aims at ranking your local business in search engines and listings for a lump sum or monthly fee. Here’s a breakdown of why it is important for OMG members:

  • You don’t need any prior experience to rank your local business as OMG provides an A to Z blueprint for ranking local sites, even when you don’t have a website.
  • Local SEO, local as well as an online business gets more leads, customers, and clients.
  • OMG has everything figured out for its members from contracts to pricing points.
  • Charging a monthly fee entails stability for your online business.
  • It is a quick way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has gained momentum in the last decade and this is one of the main reasons most people join OMG. It is like free marketing where you can work as much as you want and for as long as you will because every effort only adds to your income.

There are two things to note when learning SEO for affiliate marketing:

  • It takes more time to gain stability for your online business with affiliate marketing than local SEO, but ROI is high.
  • Affiliate SEO includes you have to take care of everything from building the sites to writing articles and promoting the content. However, other sections of OMG trains about outsourcing and getting leads that you can leverage for your online business or money-making sites.

OMG has worked out everything for you. It provides the necessary tools, resources, and information one needs to get started with affiliate websites and leveling it up step by step.


In the e-commerce world, if you look at the stats, E-commerce is worth over $2 billion throughout the world. Even if it isn’t on your mind right now, you might want to consider it later as OMG makes it possible.

While some people have managed to bag more sales with paid advertising using Shopify or other platforms for their e-commerce websites, OMG trains you about getting free traffic and how to leverage untapped free traffic sources for your online business.

It helps you to rank Shopify stores, E-commerce stores, affiliate websites, and Amazon listings as well.

OMG Facebook group

Connections are a strong asset when it comes to making money online. For some, the access to OMG way (the Facebook group of the One Man Gang program) is worth the hefty price of the course.

It is a 24 hours active group with more than 22,000 members. It is a quick way to get answers to your queries, seek solutions, and find out what others are doing and if you can leverage it for your online business.

Some of the top marketers of the world share their best tips, resources, and income proofs here. It not only strengthens your game by motivating you but also provides the best resources, tested and proven, to make money online.

Sidenote: The Facebook Group has provided an incredible value to me, much higher than the initial price for the whole course. They could sell a group membership alone for $10K + for sure! Imagine that you could ask an expert every time you have a question. And you know that their answers will be right, as they have gone through the exact same thing as you are right now!

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The main reason people look for a reliable OMG Machines Review is to know whether investing such a big amount is worth it.

One Man Gang training program costs $7,999, this could be a huge sum for people who are looking for shortcuts. However, there are no shortcuts in the SEO game. It takes careful supervision, understanding, and experimentation of strategies to master Search Engine Optimization.  And, OMG Machines system offers that.

Once you have input time and effort, along with the hefty price, the result is definite. The program has produced dozens of entrepreneurs who turned millionaires and some even contribute as coaches to the One Man Gang program.

The one-time payment of $7,999 is one option. However, another option is monthly installments of $699 for a 12 month period. The price has increased since the inception of the program in 2012. It is only going to get costly if you don’t make a move now.

But, you can rest assured that once in the program, you will get regular updates and invitations to high ticket webinars where you can learn a great deal about what’s new in SEO, how are changing algorithms affecting the online business, and many more.

Pros and Cons

Like any other expensive training program, it is only befitting to have your doubts about the One Man Gang program. Therefore, the goods and bad about the system have been categorized into pros and cons in this OMG Machines Review for clarity:


  • Tested and proven strategies that have helped several students generate 6 to 7 figure income by learning everything from the OMG community. Some even vouch that the program had been 100% successful.
  • It provides a life-changing business blueprint. Thus, instead of treating it as a side hustle, it should be seen as a well deserved 90-day training program that yields results.
  • It is far better than any college education. It lays out a map for a successful career path with high ROI and income reports are proof that you will earn more than an attorney or a qualified high-level surgeon.
  • Result-oriented content worth thousands of dollars with access to high ticket webinars and digital marketing events.
  • Access to Facebook group and top-notch successful marketers community.


  • Too expensive for many people.
  • It requires patience and effort. You need to master the skills and build your team for maximum benefits.
  • It is not a “done for you” system, everything needs experimentation and customization, where you can leverage the proven strategies for your own game.
  • This is not everyone or people looking for a shortcut to make money online without investing time, money, and effort.

Final thoughts

One Man Gang program is undoubtedly expensive for money at that price, but if you are looking for some serious career path, then this is it. It is like going to a recognized university that has given billionaires and millionaires the world who started as newbies.

This could be a jump start to your successful online business with all you need resources and training from the best mentors in the world who have their own rags to rich backstories.

A clear, marketable, research leading, a strategic training program that encompasses possibilities, pitfalls, proven strategies, advanced coaching, webinars, support, and income reports that is a better investment than other educational qualifications.

In a nutshell, online business will attract tough competition in the future. Almost all sections of businesses, education, products, and services will turn digital. The price will increase with an increasing number of learners. Therefore, a wise choice would connect with world-class marketers beforehand, learn from them, and make your name before it gets tougher.


❓ What is OMG Machines?

OMG Machines is a 90-Day training course that promises that it will turn you from zero to hero when it comes to online marketing. They claim that all essential aspects of online marketing are covered, but they do put a focus on SEO.

💰 How much does OMG Machines cost?

The price of the program is about $8,000. This is an instant turn off for many people. But this could also mean, that they are just keeping the threshold extremely high, to only let people in that are willing to commit. Read my review to find out!

💲 Is OMG Machines worth it?

That totally depends on what you want to achieve in life. I can’t give you a clear answer here. All I can say is, that it was totally worth it for me. Read my review to find out why!

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