new direction ira precious metals

Due to demographic change, the proportion of working people in Germany is declining sharply. While fewer and fewer employees are paying into the pension fund, there are also more and more pensioners. Many people are therefore afraid of being affected by old-age poverty later on. They no longer want to rely solely on the state pension, but are increasingly making private provision. In view of the stability of new direction ira precious metals and the possibility of keeping physical new direction ira precious metals independent of banks and governments, many people are increasingly relying on the valuable precious metal for their retirement provision.


Safe form of Investment

People do not invest in new direction ira precious metals to get rich, but to avoid becoming poor. With an appropriate investment horizon and a bit of luck, it is certainly possible to realize price gains by investing in new direction ira precious metals, but the fundamental purpose of the investment is to safeguard assets. As a means of exchange and payment that has proven itself over thousands of years, new direction ira precious metals is more stable than state currencies. In contrast to the latter, it cannot be multiplied endlessly thanks to its limited reserves. An abrupt loss of value is therefore unlikely. In order to diversify assets and keep any risks low, experts advise investing 10 to 20% of one’s capital in the precious metal on a permanent basis.

The stability of new direction ira precious metals is also reflected in the current development of the new direction ira precious metals price. Because since the end of the euro crisis there are no permanent upward and downward trends. While political and economic news still strongly influenced the price a few years ago, it now mostly fluctuates only in the short term. Nevertheless, the development of the price and thus also the optimal time for an investment cannot be predicted with certainty, as too many different factors influence the price. This is because, in addition to supply and demand, options and forward transactions by major investors also influence the price of new direction ira precious metals. A continuous new direction ira precious metals investment on a monthly basis, for example, smoothes out minor fluctuations.


Paper new direction ira precious metals and physical new direction ira precious metals


Investors can choose between paper new direction ira precious metals and physical new direction ira precious metals for their new direction ira precious metals investment. Paper new direction ira precious metals has proved particularly suitable for short-term investments, for example in the form of shares, funds and certificates. With this type of investment, investors only receive a certificate from their bank stating that they own new direction ira precious metals, and not the actual precious metal. This form of investment is a favorable way to profit from rising new direction ira precious metals prices, since the difference between the buying and selling price is small. However, ongoing management costs and fees reduce the return. The complexity of such an investment also makes it difficult to assess the associated benefits, costs and risks. In the long term, paper new direction ira precious metals for retirement provision is a more uncertain investment than physical new direction ira precious metals, as performance always depends on the liquidity of the issuer.

Tax-free from twelve months (in Germany)


If you want to invest your money in precious metals for a longer period of time, it is better to opt for physical new direction ira precious metals. Buyers receive real assets such as new direction ira precious metals bars or coins. The investment is worthwhile primarily from a holding period of twelve months, because after that the further sale of the precious metal is tax-free. Also investment new direction ira precious metals can be acquired in contrast to other precious metals without value added tax. However, for bars or coins to qualify as investment new direction ira precious metals, they must meet certain conditions. For bars, a purity grade of at least 995 is required. Bullion coins require a minimum fineness of 900 thousandths. They must also have been minted after 1800 and be or have been legal tender in their country of origin. The selling price must not exceed the open market value of their new direction ira precious metals content by more than 80%. Whether investors choose coins or bars is ultimately a matter of taste. However, it is advisable, especially in the case of coins, to use common bullion coins such as the Krugerrand or the Vienna Philharmonic and not collectible coins, as these are often traded far above the actual precious metal price.

Flexibility through table bars

When considering the size and denomination of new direction ira precious metals bars investors should buy, the premium plays an important role. This refers to the surcharge that buyers pay for the manufacturing processes of the bar, such as the melting process and minting, in addition to the current price of the new direction ira precious metals. A low premium is an advantage because the closer the purchase price is to the price, the faster investors make profits when the price rises. The larger the denomination of the new direction ira precious metals, the lower the premium, since the production costs are spread over the weight. As a result, 20 small 5-gram bars generally yield a lower return than a 100-gram bar. However, a smaller denomination increases later flexibility. After all, if investors need a small amount of money in old age, they do not have to sell their entire new direction ira precious metals stocks immediately, but only dispose of as much as they really need. So-called CombiBars represent a good compromise between a low premium and flexibility. Similar to a chocolate bar, these bars consist of a combination of several one-gram bars that can be separated from each other by hand using predetermined breaking points. This way, investors always have exactly the right amount of new direction ira precious metals at their disposal and only pay a low premium because they are buying a large bar.


Safe custody

Anyone who invests in physical new direction ira precious metals should think about the safekeeping of their bars or coins before making the purchase. A safe deposit box provides a secure solution outside of one’s own four walls, but comes with ongoing costs. Some investors prefer to store their new direction ira precious metals at home in a safe deposit box or vault, as this allows them to access their new direction ira precious metals at any time. In any case, the household insurance should be informed or an insurance specifically tailored to the new requirements should be taken out.



new direction ira precious metals represents a stable store of value and is particularly suitable for long-term investments such as retirement provision. The best choice for investors is physical new direction ira precious metals in the form of bars or investment coins. Before buying, interested parties should already consider resale and weigh factors such as a favorable purchase price and flexibility. Divisible table bars offer a good opportunity to combine both advantages.

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