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Features And Highlights:

LinguaScribe offers real-life voice over features in multiple languages. The application outlay is manageable for users to understand along with the fact that the subscription of Lingua Scribe is relatively cheaper than its competing software. Another added feature of the software system is its compatibility with most Operating systems. The Lingua Scribe also plans on releasing a mobile-based application for catering to portable-device preference users.


                                              Salient Features of Lingua Scribe

Lingua Scribe has a unique methodology of targeting customers and making people understand the importance of a community. If one tends to target users of the non-English speaking community, it is indeed beneficial for local business. The world linguistic study suggests that there 75% of the population of non-English speakers scattered across the globe. If this is true, then there is a lot of potential in reaching out to those people in their native language. For instance, transcribing or translation method offered by Lingua Scribe targets customers through AI-integrated platforms.

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This feature helps any user of the application, be it a business owner, news, or a blog company reach out to a greater audience easily. If someone has a blog/press release in English, they can easily translate it to native languages and share it accordingly. This feature helps them reach out to a large audience and expand their organic traffic and popularity. Otherwise, they would have to hire translators at high pay-rates for achieving their feat.

About Lingua Scribe’s Creator

Entrepreneurs innovate lives, and the Ben Murray-Cyril “Jeet” duo have proved that after starting Lingua Scribe. They have taken up Artificial Intelligence as a subject of research and after studying multiple modules, came up with this innovative idea to solve the Linguistic problems.

  • Translate your blog articles, sales pages, landing pages, social media posts, ads, etc. into any language.
  • Create a voice over for your videos and landing pages
  • Grab any voice over or podcast and transcribe it to an article for a blog.
  • Get traffic for money keywords that you cannot even think of targeting.
  • Get high-quality leads without outspending your competition.
  • The conversion of multiple Set-and-Forget workflows into multiple formats and languages with a simple one-click formula
  • The software system offers 150 minutes of free translation and audio conversion until a minimum of 200K words.
  • Get higher click-through rates and op-tin with the strategy of Surprise and Least Resistance.
  • Make Podcasts, Audio blogs, Narrations, Voice-Overs & Audio-books.
  • Find underexploited customers who your competition cannot reach.
  • The LinguaScribe System ranks the top for local languages and is inclusive of automated local language content.
  • Users or consumers can select between scores of accents and life-like voices for their podcasts.
  • A most valuable feature is its ‘Go long-tail’ attribute formulated by feeding Google five times or even eight times the amount of content without any extra or additional work.
  • LinguaScribe is a web-based software as a service (SAAS) that works 24/7 from any computer and from anywhere.
  • The software is also applicable in local language directories, collections, and even search engines with local language content and simple, comprehensive format.


In 2020, the era of deep fake when machine processed language and audio processing has reached such an advanced level that it is virtually indistinguishable from a real human being.

Translations: text to audio, audio to text. All these technologies have matured, and when you transform content now, you get high-quality results.

If you are a typical content creator, then you certainly would want to adopt all your content, such as audios, videos, articles, landing pages, etc. into other formats and languages to reach as many as possible. This software system comes inclusive of all the proprietary workflow technology that helps users translate their simple audio file or text into many multiple and understandable languages at once, all in different media formats to use as podcasts, blog articles, social posts, websites, and more fully automated at once for you.

If this feature wasn’t enough, the software is also inclusive of Agency Rights and platforms the largest selection of multiple languages with life-like sounding voiceover options. The feature allows the target audience or the clients to tap and emerge into a whole new pool of buyers through frequent targeting in their comfortable or alternative speaking language. It is also inclusive of proprietary workflow technology that is formulated to translate any simple text or audio file into multiple alternative or local languages at once, all in different media formats to use as podcasts, blog articles, social posts, websites, and more fully automated at once for you.

This Platform is one of the most popular yet underrated virtualization systems in the IT-industry. It was once very popular with macOS users but has seemingly lost ground looking at other competitors’ steady rise. However, its basic features and essentials are worth compliments. Not as advanced as Virtual box, but has some significant advantages to its name. It has simple and steady features, with cost efficiency and quality performance. These qualities are rare with other competitions in the arena.

Well, the name of the virtualization system does precisely what the information inside the module promises. The best bet if you wish to work in a Windows alternative yet use Linux or macOS apps. Coding and other security enhancements are maximum here, and there is minimal chance of virtualization errors. Malware, erroneous bugs, or interruption are rare cases here. They are free and easily procurable. The compelling platform runs efficiently on Intel, AMD, and Gigabyte processors, as well as contains the potential to operate on locally manufactured processors too. By locally produced, lower grade processors are meant that do not serve the quality of an Intel-grade system. Its compatibility and efficiency are unquestionable along with its robust security framework. The premium version of the package comes with Citrix’s enhanced system support and data insurance features. If you are a part of the IT-industry, this may work well for you in your data research operations or analytics.

Installation systems and methods are really basic, and even beginners can adapt to the system quickly. It works well for professionals too. If you are a learner exploring virtualization as a side-study, this system is your safest bet. Also, the installation of this system will not damage your existing OS or internal hard drive in any way. Not only does it find a good following amongst it’s an integrated community, but it has also been rated amongst the best by top IT-software rankers across the globe. Scaling, efficiency, and speed are excellent factors that come into play while operating CircleCI. No doubt, its subpar customer service is overshadowed by its superb features. Yes, the customer service may not be an excellent experience as users and reviewers complain about the inadequate response to issues when they mail the company support.

Top corporations and IT-industry employees use this system because it’s a non-complex interface and the ability to reach the understanding level of one and all. Sometimes, interfaces may not be well versed with veterans and seniors of the IT-industry, but they much appreciate a compatible platform. If the system serves people of all expertise levels, the IT-industry acclaims it, and using it becomes an obvious choice.

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As discussed above, you may have seen that freebies may not be the right choice if you are a professional but can help beginners learn the basics of virtualization systems. Also, you must use trusted and well-reviewed software for this purpose, as this is very critical for your order. Any mishaps can completely rupture your device and refrain you from working on it again without complete formatting. Data loss and malware can also cripple your device unless proper firewalls and security systems are in place.

Who Is LinguaScribe Applicable For?

LinguaScribe is the most powerful and highly productive Artificial Intelligence tool based audio-to-video or text-to-voice transcriber for all the marketers. However, LinguaScribe is the most useful and key software for the following target professionals or users-

  • Online Marketers
  • Freelances
  • Agency Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Creator
  • Video Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Bloggers
  • Voice-over Artist

About OTOs

  1. LinguaScribe Pro Upgrade

The LinguaScribe Pro Upgrade, is a powerful upgrade that offers customers and users with salient pro-level features. The software upgrade supports APIs and multiple voices, offers five times more free credit, two years of a free upgrade, and provides a multi-user account. The Software system offers a ready-made sales page to recruit e-mail marketing consumers.

  1. Vidscribe Pro

The Vidscribe Pro software system converts any video into any language and also generates subtitles for the video content in the language preferred by the user or the target audience. This software upgrade unlocks the global market for the generated video contents.

  1. LinguaScribe Agency

The LinguaScribe Agency offers users with unlimited agency accounts along with agency training bonus materials that help users or consumers run a fully-fledged translation and voice-over agency efficiently.

  1. Tuberank Jeet Pro

Tuberank Jeet Pro is the bestselling video marketing software upgrade since 2012. This software upgrade helps users rank their videos intensifying, higher, and aims to achieve a substantial target audience for the video contents generated.

Benefits Of LinguaScribe

LinguaScribe Software System offers multiple benefits highlighting its salient features and attributes-

  • LinguaScribe is accessible from anywhere and helps users reach customers from everywhere.
  • The software application opens a new worldwide and universal market for your content.
  • The LinguaScribe software application offers a step-by-step training process for a comprehensive and easy understanding.
  • The application allows users to lend amazing and inspiring narrations to the content videos.
  • The significant benefit of this application software is that it allows users to talk to the audience in their language or the use of local language.
  • The biggest advantage for LinguaScribe users is that there is no need for prior experience or any technical skills.
  • The software system applies to a niche workforce.
  • The application is newbie-friendly and condenses the functions.
  • LinguaScribe is a Cloud-based software application, sustainable and cost-efficient.
  • Users can make minimal and interesting podcasts from their articles.
  • LinguaScribe is a software that comes inclusive of all the Agency Rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-1: State a few salient attributes of LinguaScribe.

  • LinguaScribe translates your social media posts, blog articles, advertisements, sales pages, landing page, etc. into any efficient language.
  • The application provides high-quality leads without outspending your competition.
  • LinguaScribe application offers traffic for money keywords that users often cannot even think or fail to target.
  • The multi-lingual application software creates voice-overs for landing pages and videos.

Question-2: How is LinguaScribe different from other Voiceover apps?

LinguaScribe software is the only application that helps users transcribe, translate, and even voiceover content all-in-one inclusive of speech-to-speech, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text features and abilities. Additionally, the application provides the best AI translation technology for grammatically accurate translations and the most live-sounding voiceovers. Also, a value-added feature of the software system is that it automates the creation of mass content and creates tons of transcriptions and videos, records, and even podcasts in multiple languages and all at once.

Question-3: Name a few notable Artificial Intelligence Generated Translation Technology features of the software system.

LinguaScribe is the only software as a service (SAAS) that integrates with all the top language and voice AI systems and salient inbuilt features:

  • Microsoft Azure – For translation, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text features
  • Amazon – For translation, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text features
  • Google – For translation, text-to-voice, and voice-to-text features

Question-4: How is LinguaScribe flexible?

LinguaScribe provides detailed marketing training and tutorials for powerful results. The software application is super easy to use devoid of learning curves and wasted hours. It is accessible from anywhere and is 100 per cent mobile compatible without any hassles. Finally, the LinguaScribe software provides dedicated 24/ 7 chat support regarding any issues and offers instant problem fix.

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