My Personal GrooveFunnels Review – Worth The Money?

Is GrooveFunnels Any Good? This Review will Help You Know the Facts

Why is GrooveFunnels so famous? If this is what you exactly wondering, my honest GrooveFunnels review will help you know the A to Z of this trending thing on the internet.

If you don’t already have any idea about this GrooveFunnels then here is a quick introduction…

GrooveFunnels is an advanced yet rapidly growing sales funnel tool or software that is simply creating a buzz amongst the marketers.

It is getting popular as an all-in-one digital solution to generate sales for products and services. GrooveFunnels is catching entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ attention because of its extraordinary offers and a holistic software suite.

Going by the words of the GrooveFunnels and parent company “Groove Digital, they have successfully got more than 43,122 new users converted for the GrooveFunnels platform within a month.

Isn’t that great statistics? Well, I think it’s above average!

Limited Time Deals Don’t Turn Up Again….

To let you know, you can take advantage of this ultimate sales funnel software free-of-cost by using a free version. However, the free version is available for a limited period so hurry up and don’t miss this offer.

GrooveFunnels Signup Page

In addition to the limited time offer of free GrooveFunnels access, you can also get future upgrades if you upgrade your plan to the lifetime deal just now.

As I’m reviewing GrooveFunnels, it’s my responsibility to tell you everything about the software so you invest your money in the right thing.

The free account of GrooveFunnels is named “Base Plan” and it’s open for all of you. Though it’s available just in the BETA version, it’s a great opportunity to try GrooveFunnels.

As everyone knows that free version of anything has limited features and so is with GrooveFunnels. This is why I’ll take you through features, pros, cons, and other important details about the LIFETIME plan of GrooveFunnels. But, before that, I would like to tell you who should actually try the latest sales funnel software.

Who Should Take a GrooveFunnels Trial?

You’re reading the most honest GrooveFunnels review on the internet as I’m sharing my review after trying this software.

After using the sales funnels software, I realized that this software is not just meant for marketers and entrepreneurs but a lot of people can take its advantage for making a huge amount of money.

Some people know about sales funnels but still make mistakes due to which they’re unable to achieve their sales target. Other than this, beginners struggle to earn money online because they have zero ideas about sales funnels.

So, I felt GrooveFunnels can be used by anyone trying to earn online. To clear all your doubts about who should try this new sales funnel tool, here is a brief explanation.

  1. Best for Beginners

Lack of time, money, and knowledge are the main challenges for beginners to try out a new thing even when it is something that can help them learn and earn a lot. I understand this situation well because I also started as a beginner.

Important Disclaimer: This review is completely based on GrooveFunnels, so I decided not to name any competitor sales funnels software today.

GrooveFunnels’ free version is a perfect choice for beginners as they don’t have much experience and knowledge of sales funnel creation. However, I suggest you create your site or blog using WordPress as it would be easier for you to optimize it. And, you can use the free account of GrooveFunnels to create sales funnels and landing pages.

  1. Experienced Marketers

If you’ve been creating sales funnels for a while now, you know pretty well that how expensive sales funnels software is. This is why it’s advisable to make a one-time investment in the GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal and save some money instead of paying monthly subscriptions for different sales funnels tools.

  1. Teachers & Course Creators

Learning management software can cost you a lot of bucks if your members increase. At this point, GrooveFunnels come to your rescue. You can save a good amount of money (up to $179) with membership websites designed with GrooveFunnels.

It’s great news for all teachers and course creators out there who are trying it hard to sell their courses and training programs. Now, getting subscriptions for your courses has become easier.

GrooveFunnels surely deserves a big “THANK YOU” from all course creators.

  1. Authors & Speakers

Another category of people for who GrooveFunnels can do wonders is Authors and speakers.

Yes, if you’re a speaker or author then you can try this new software for creating not just sales funnels but your entire website. There are appealing yet relevant website templates that you can choose for personal branding.

  1. Freelancers and Agencies

People who have great knowledge and experience in creating sales funnels are offering their services as freelancers and agencies. So, GrooveFunnels is of great use to them.

If you’re amongst this category of people then you can offer more value to your customers. When you’re able to create converting sales funnels then you’re going to see an increment not just in terms of income but also in the form of healthy business relationships with your clients. Goodwill matters more than anything else and you can simply achieve it by giving value and more business to your customers.

  1. eCommerce entrepreneurs

eCommerce is a complete game of online selling and buying. And, you can completely lose this game without effective sales funnels. Every eCommerce site owner uses sales funnels and this is the reason why I have put this category of users in the last.

GrooveKart is the eCommerce & shopping cart tool in the Groove Digital Software Suite that is highly practical to sell tangible products on your site.

I hope it’s clear to you that GrooveFunnels is meant for all.

Now, let us know more about the GrooveFunnels software….

GrooveFunnels’ Creators Deserve a Mention

Oops, I should let you know about the creators of this amazing sales funnel software at the beginning of the post. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never. Here I’m introducing the great personalities behind GrooveFunnels-

John Cornetta

John Cornetta is famous as an expert of Dropshipping. It’s astounding to know that he makes 6 figures monthly through his eCommerce stores.

He holds expertise in the field of eCommerce that has made it possible to develop software that not just competes with other renowned eCommerce stores but also outperforms them in terms of user experience and cost-effectiveness.

John loves to share his knowledge and eCommerce strategies with others. And, guess what you will find his sessions in the free training resources of Groove Digital Academy.

Hang on; he has not created this extraordinary software alone; there is another face too.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is a great personality just like John. To cover his background, he is a co-founder of big brands like WebinarJam, Kartra, Marketer’s Cruise, and EverWebinar.

An amazing fact about Mike is that he has launched and sold multiple multimillion-dollar companies, and most of the companies that are established by him made more than $75 million.

Despite the fact that he’s not new to digital marketing and sales, many of you might not have heard his name before. This is why I realized the importance of mentioning the creators of this software.

Teamwork Brought the Results

Mike and John are a duo. Of Course, GrooveDigital has other people too but these two are the faces of the brand and the ones who take care of the sales and marketing.

One thing that I want to make clear is that I don’t want to hype Mike and John; I just wanted to make you guys aware of who they are and what their background is because users must know about the creators of the product before trying it out.

While introducing Mike to you, I have mentioned that Kartra was founded by Mike; due to his experience, he has been able to develop the GrooveDigital Products much faster. The result of this quick development of GrooveFunnels is that they’re giving a lifetime deal to all of us which is absent in other sales funnel software.

The Story behind GrooveFunnels Software

GrooveFunnels was developed by online marketers for marketers. I know it sounds strange but it’s true.

However, GrooveFunnels wasn’t initially planned to be sales funnel software. It actually started as an e-commerce business- Ultra Fun Cart.

John Cornetta approached Mike regarding this new project and Mike too over it. The name “Ultra Fun Cart” was not good enough to induce excitement. Thence, Mike recommended GrooveKart. The reason behind choosing the “Groove” prefix is that many names were available like GrooveMail, GrooveAffiliate, etc, and these names were not actively being used as software or websites.

They begin developing GrooveKart and building their e-commerce platform. During the process of development, Mike and John realized that they need some kind of solution to build sales pages or landing pages.

They did not want to have any boring section of product description along with some images. They wanted to have a feature that can create an amazing sales page that can actually bring sales for their e-commerce products.

So, they started working on a page builder. While creating a page builder, they realized that they would get an advantage from the videos and email marketing, and other marketing strategies.

This lead to the development of other features and all of them collectively made GrooveFunnels.

So, GrooveFunnels is the combo of multiple features that Mike and John were already planning to add to their original e-commerce platform, which eventually took a shape of a funnel creation platform for people and businesses of all types.

A Sad Reality about GrooveFunnels

The main reason behind my emphasis on taking the lifetime deal is GrooveFunnels will be turned into a monthly subscription once its BETA slots have been filled.

So, don’t give this amazing deal a second thought otherwise, you will miss an opportunity to save big on this result-oriented software.

There’s a Lot More about GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels was initially developed for eCommerce use, but as other features came to life, Mike and John quickly realized that it could be a great platform for affiliate marketing, selling digital products, etc.

GrooveFunnels aim to give true value for all of your digital marketing and sales needs by being the user of high-performance sales funnels.

What is meant by Sales Funnel?

A big query that tends to arise about GrooveFunnels is “What is meant by Sales Funnel?”

I will make you understand the sales funnel through a conventional business model.

Step 1: A medium of marketing is selected such as newspaper, print media, postcard, etc.

Step 2: Through that marketing message, the audience is invited to a specific location such as a shopping mall, store, or camp, etc.

Step 3: Once the audience visits the given business address, a salesperson will give information about the products or services- pros and cons.

Step 4: If a potential customer feels any worth in the product or service then a transaction takes place and a sale is done.

This way a business has converted a verified lead into a paying customer. All these 4 steps make a sales funnel.

In simple words, a sales funnel is a step-by-step procedure that helps you convert qualified leads into paying clients. In digital marketing, sales funnels are created through videos, landing pages, content, and emails.

How GrooveFunnels Hosting Works?

When it’s about the working of GrooveFunnels then its features make it unique. This means all the features that you find within the suite of software let you replace the existing sales funnel.

So, if you’re presently inviting people to a physical shop, you can now invite them to the GroovePages sales page.

On that sales page, you could add a GrooveVideo in which a person will explain the uses of your products and services. The sole aim of this video is to generate sales from the target viewers.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to add a video, you can simply give your sales message to your target audience in the textual form on the GroovePages sales page.

The result is bringing and processing the sales that can be done using the GrooveSell feature in the suite of GrooveFunnels.

I want this GrooveFunnels review to be the best and highly useful that is why I will be sharing the working procedure of all sales and marketing tools available in GrooveFunnels so you can create a converting sales funnel for your company.

Why Should You Use GrooveFunnels?

If you are still doubtful as to why to use GrooveFunnels then here is a quick and crisp answer for you.

It can be used:

  • To generate leads for your business
  • To follow up your leads efficiently
  • To convert all the verified leads into paying customers
  • To send after-sales messages to retain that clientele
  • To cut down the number of refunds and customer’s dissatisfaction

I hope now these are enough reasons to use this sales funnel tool.

It’s turn to go through the features of this tool.

What are the Benefits of GrooveFunnels?

My outlook is that there are endless benefits of GrooveFunnels.

To be specific, I’ve discussed them in brief below.

  • Saves Time: This software saves a lot of time of a marketer to get ready to generate sales, and being able to create a sales funnel with the help of necessary tools.
  • Saves Efforts: Thanks to the automation feature for lead generation and follow-ups in the GrooveFunnels system. This makes it easy for you to bring conversions.
  • Saves Money: Apart from time and effort, money holds so much importance in everyone’s life. And, this software saves that too. The exclusive built-in features make the whole task of creating a sales funnel to monitoring a lot easier. The GrooveFunnels Membership system is worth your investment without any doubt.

Further, you will discover the competitive advantages of this tool; so don’t forget to check it out. But, let me tell you the USPs or features of GrooveFunnels before jumping on to that topic.

What are the features of GrooveFunnels?

So, this section is all about features of GrooveFunnels that make it unique and highly beneficial for all online marketers.

  1. GroovePages

GroovePages is an exclusive website and landing page builder. With this tool, you can create an appealing yet relevant website and convertible landing page with minimal efforts.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Easy to use interface; drag and drop feature for custom website and landing page creation.
  • Provides you with unlimited traffic
  • Available in a lifetime deal


  • You can face bug issues sometimes

My Take on GroovePages

This is a steal deal. Here is why I am saying so- if you get decent web hosting then you will get it for at least $20 per month or $240 annually. You will be charged this hefty amount for just web hosting (no website builder and plugins at all).

And, GroovePages alone is worth the GrooveFunnels’ Platinum PRO deal.

It is a good page builder that has a user-friendly interface and features. If you have used other page builders then you will realize that GroovePages has some amazing features like Wireframes.

Although the templates that are already available in this deal is limited currently, but you can get all the updated features and templates by becoming a PLATINUM member.

  1. GrooveSell

It is a highly practical platform that is created for the sales of your products and services. You can manage the sales of each of your services and physical or digital products.

Pros and cons are listed below:


  • You have to pay zero transaction fees
  • It can be integrated with the shop
  • Comes included with a lifetime plan


  • Bug issues can arise sometimes

My Take on GrooveSell

GrooveSell lets you sell unlimited products, and create unlimited funnels. Furthermore, it gives you an option to create your affiliate program within the software.

At present, GrooveSell is up and running well and it lets you create a free account.

What I love the most about GrooveSell is that it charges no fee on each transaction. This facility is not given by any other company that I know.

So, it deserves thumbs up!

  1. GrooveAffiliate

It is a great referral program management tool that can generate an amazing response for your products and services.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Allows for easy management of affiliates & accounts
  • Gives access to Affiliate Leader board
  • Makes it easier to track affiliate conversions
  • Payment history can be accessed anytime


  • The interface needs improvement for ease of use.

My Take on GrooveAffiliate

If you wish to have your affiliate program for the promotion of your products and services then you will love GrooveAffiliate just like I do. GrooveAffiliate is included in your Platinum pro dashboard and gives you complete control of your affiliate program and marketing.

  1. GrooveMail

Email marketing is an important aspect of every marketing strategy and GrooveMail will serve you extraordinarily. You can now send monthly newsletters and deals to your customers and potential clients in limited time and cost.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Already integrated with your GrooveFunnel account
  • Has tags & segments for categorizing your mails
  • Easy sending process via GrooveMail


  • The BETA version has some bugs

My Take on GrooveMail

Your search for an affordable yet practical email marketing software ends with GrooveMail. It lets you create lists, categorize by tags, and create automation or sequences based on the parameters.

As it is in the BETA version, the interface and features are still being worked upon. However, you can still start creating your email lists.

  1. GrooveMember

This is a great platform to launch your online programs and membership courses. It is a super easy and quick to use tool to deliver your training videos, course materials, etc.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Enables you to build unlimited membership websites
  • Integration with GrooveFunnels has already been done
  • Also, it’s integrated with the email marketing tool, GrooveMail.


  • Doesn’t have customizable templates that can make multiple sites look almost similar.

My Take on GrooveMember

If you’re from the education industry then this tool is of great use to you as you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars annually on hosting & SAAS membership software.

Furthermore, it helps you with email marketing whenever you come up with any new course launch or hot deals on your courses.

  1. GrooveVideo

This tool is made to assist you in uploading, tracking, and optimizing your videos so your products and services enjoy more exposure.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • the easy video upload process
  • Lets you view your video analytics
  • Allows you to create a call to action along with end actions.


  • Comes with limited templates
  • Doesn’t allow video importing from Vimeo or YouTube (heartbreaking fact)

My Take on GrooveVideo

This is an honest GrooveFunnels review; this is why I will tell you the facts here. I don’t find GrooveVideo as exciting as other tools of GrooveFunnels. It lacks many features due to which I’ll suggest you to host your videos on YouTube. YouTube will also give you the same perks that GrooveVideo offers to you.

Considering the fact that this tool is still in BETA, the company might add the missing features that could make it more relevant for the users.

  1. GrooveBlog

You can now launch & manage your blog with ease using the GrooveBlog platform. It’s an SEO-friendly platform that means you can make your blog rank on search engines’ top results faster.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Comes with a lifetime deal
  • No requirement to manage different plugins
  • SEO-friendly platform


  • No cons for this platform at this point

My Take on GrooveBlog

Blogging is very crucial for all online businesses. Honestly, I can’t give any conclusion on this feature as of now because it has not been launched yet. I’m waiting for it to be launched so I can update my review according to my observations.

  1. GrooveWebinars

GrooveWebinars is a platform that will assist you in conducting live webinars, automate your webinars, and even stream them.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Comes with a lifetime deal
  • Eliminates huge costs of webinar software
  • Conducting live webinars will be easier



  • No idea about the downfalls of this platform

My Take on GrooveWebinars

Just like GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinar has not been out for users. I will update you with my experience as soon as it’s launched.

  1. GrooveDesk

GrooveDesk is a platform for addressing the queries and complaints of your customers.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Comes with a lifetime deal
  • Easy ticket management
  • The integrated live chat feature


  • Cannot say anything about cons

My Take on GrooveDesk

GrooveDesk is another feature that is yet to be added to the suite of GrooveFunnels software. I promise to give you updates on this too as soon as the company brings this platform to the users.

  1. GrooveCalendar

GrooveCalendar will assist you in timely follow-up with clients, and scheduling training and consultation sessions.

Here are its pros and cons:


  • Comes with a lifetime deal
  • Flexible schedules
  • Text and email reminders


  • No idea for cons

My Take on GrooveCalendar

You can’t convert even your highly qualified leads if you don’t follow them up. This is why you will need GrooveCalendar.

Again, it’s is yet to come, and stay tuned for the updates.

Other GrooveFunnel Features

Apart from these ten features, GrooveFunnels has many more such as GrooveSurvey, GrooveProof, etc.

Premium Integrations Should be Discussed

Here are some premium integrations offered by GrooveDigital:

  1. Partnership with ChatMatic

GrooveDigital recently declared its partnership with ChatMatic. The company has already invested a considerable amount in ChatMatic and keeping the growth opportunities in view, it took this decision.

So, GrooveFunnels users will now have access to one of the highly practical chatbot systems online. As an additional bonus, Groove users can enjoy ChatMatic premium services worth more than $200 monthly at no added cost.

  1. GrooveKart 2.0

This is my favorite integration “GrooveKart”.

This platform comes with an integrated premium product design tool. This simply means you can take advantage of the latest technology to become a strong player in the eCommerce domain.

There is no inventory needed. With GrooveKart, you can create unique and amazing products that have already in high demand by the customers.

Furthermore, this platform eliminates the requirement for expensive add-ons.

Is GrooveFunnels Free? Or does it have a free trial?

People are often confused whether GrooveFunnels is free or does it offer a free trial.

If you too have this question in mind then your answer is it doesn’t offer you a free trial. However, it does have a level for free account usage (that means you will have only some features like GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages LITE)

Another question that may arise now – Is the free version of GrooveFunnels really free? Yes, you can use your free account for a lifetime. You don’t have to add your debit or credit card, and there will no auto deductions from your bank account.

How much GrooveFunnels Costs?

GrooveFunnels has four plans namely Base, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Base Plan: This is the free-of-cost plan available for all. It’s the best choice for beginners who’ve just stepped into the online business world. Being a free plan, it includes only the basic features needed to start making money online.

Silver Plan: This plan has some of the famous integrations that are important for startups. This plan is yet to be launched. And, you can get it for $99 per month.

Gold Plan: In this plan, you will find most of the core features needed for professionals to operate an online business. It will cost you $199 per month and it’s also coming soon.

Platinum Plan: This plan comes with all the core integrations required to convert your company into an online brand.

Special and Limited Time Offer

For all those who want to try all features of GrooveFunnels, here is a golden opportunity for you. The company is introduced a limited time offer to get lifetime access to the Platinum Plan worth $299 per month for a single time investment or lump sum payment.

This lifetime deal is a great strategy for the quick growth of the platform. And, this strategy generates amazing results in the form of millions of dollars sales.

What are the competitive benefits of GrooveFunnels software?

As promised above that I will share with you all the competitive benefits of GrooveFunnels, here I go:

  1. Created by Mike Filsaime

Mike, the creator of GrooveFunnels is a big name in the industry of marketing software. He is not just another online marketer but a genius software developer. He is the same person who developed the PowerLink Generator- the first site URL redirection software.

Using a product created by a highly experienced and innovative creator is sure to do wonders for the users. This makes the very first competitive advantage of GrooveFunnels.

  1. GrooveFunnels SDK

You must be wondering what an SDK is and Why it is important for you.

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It is basically a set of tools that allows a developer to create custom apps that can be added on or linked to another program.

This simply means an SDK lets programmers to build apps for a particular platform. For instance, Windows, Android, iPhone iOS, etc. These are all software development platforms featuring kits that the programmers can build apps for.

Why is it significant? It’s crucial for the development of user-friendly platforms. WordPress, Chrome browser, and Android apps are all results of the SDK.

An SDK provides you with great customization opportunities that can set you apart from others in your industry.

This means you can now have custom apps to cater to the needs of any industry.

Developers can now create specialized apps for whatever need your customer has. The good news is that savvy developers can make set in place a full-time passive income just by using Groovesell to sell their custom-made apps.

This competitive advantage of GrooveFunnels will attract a lot of developers from all over the world as this on-time investment can give them a stable income source.

  1. All-in-one sales and marketing platform

The GrooveFunnels software is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that not just helps you to generate leads, convert them, but also serve them after the sale is closed.

Now, you don’t have to pay to separate platforms for website designing, brand promotion, funnel creation, and after-sales services. All this can be done from just one place i.e. GrooveFunnel dashboard.

These 3 competitive advantages of GrooveFunnels truly provide users with a competitive edge. Both individuals and brands can use it for meeting their sales targets and increase profitability. In nutshell, it’s a steal deal for everyone. Therefore, you must grab this lifetime deal as it won’t come back once it’s launched on monthly plans.

What do I think about GrooveFunnels customer reviews?

While researching about GrooveFunnels before my purchase, I discovered the following complaints on the internet. It is my habit to research about the product that I’m planning to buy to make sure my money is getting invested in the appropriate place and thing. However, I found a lot of affiliate content instead of true reviews. Digging deep for the GrooveFunnels customer reviews, I found some. I have discussed those GrooveFunnels negative reviews along with my experience after using the platform for a while now.

If customers’ reviews and my experience have similarities then consider it as a negative thing about GrooveFunnels otherwise it’s all positive.

Let’s begin…

Negative Review #1

This platform is just for GrooveFunnels’ affiliate marketers.

Negative Review #2

The platform doesn’t have work as expected and the support response is not so good.

Negative Review #3-

A hyped software and misleading ads

Negative Review #1- My Experience Vs Customers’ Review

Customers complained that GrooveFunnels is designed for just affiliate promotion purposes of the paid members only. People should realize that affiliate marketing is just a convenient way to motivate everyone to start earning online.

When GrooveFunnels was launched, their suite of software included only GrooveSell and GroovePages due to which there was no great scope to do anything else other than affiliate marketing.

So, the fact is GrooveFunnels was not designed exclusively for affiliate marketing, but until GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, and GrooveMember were released, affiliate marketing and website creation for local businesses were the most convenient ways for beginners to start making money online.

In simple words, GrooveFunnels is much more than just doing affiliate marketing. You can now host your content using GrooveBlog, and do a lot more.

Negative Review #2- My Experience Vs Customers’ Review

Now let’s move to the second complaint of customers i.e. inefficient performance of software and support team.

At this point when I’m writing this GrooveFunnel review, it is in BETA version and GrooveDigital has expanded their support team drastically over the last few months to improve the customer support response.

In the initial six months, people complained that GroovePages was fully unstable and they don’t get support from the company on time.

Let me tell you the reality- GroovePages was always a practical yet helpful tool for users and it always worked. I agree that it had issues in the initial days of its development. But, I believe things get better with time.

People should know that the BETA version is made available to the general public for testing purposes so the company can analyze its practicality for the users. BETA software like GrooveFunnels is performing well and it’s expected to do perform better when it is launched in the non-BETA version.

Considering the BETA fact, the company is offering GroovePages for free.

The aim was to get as much feedback from users as possible so developers can identify bugs and implement suggestions given by the general public. This is done to come up with extensively user-friendly software.

Additionally, the promotional launch of this software generated more than 1, 00,000 new users due to which the support team got overwhelmed as there are not enough support executives.

The company realized that the existing support team can’t respond to hundreds of thousands of tickets within just 7 days, particularly when new features and bugs were discovered.

Hence, they expanded their support team significantly along with adding a new feature of live chat support so no user gets dissatisfied or left unserved

The GrooveDigital team recently declared that the support desk would be converted to a three-tiered system for triaging support challenges and problems much faster by forwarding the support tickets to the best executives for the fastest assistance.

Meanwhile, all these steps of the company to improve the functionality have reduced the number of support tickets. Thanks to the upgrades to the software.

Negative Review #1- My Experience Vs Customers’ Review

Here is a clarification on the perception of customers that GrooveFunnels marketing is overhyped and even misleading in comparison to its real performance.

As a consequence of the marketing efforts, many people become part of this platform in its initial 3 months only to understand that it did not yet complete sales and marketing features like a blogging platform, webinars, email marketing, etc. All these important features are missing at this time.

The reality is that the software will offer you all these promised features but when they are working efficiently. GrooveDigital has expanded its software development team to a great extent due to which they have postponed the launch dates of certain features.

We should realize that no company wants to delay its product launches (after all they’re all working to earn money) and there must be some problem due to which delays are happening. The company wants to provide you with 100% practical and bug-free software and these things take time.

To conclude, my experience is that while it’s irritating to wait for such amazing GrooveFunnels features to be launched, the one-time investment for a lifetime deal to this super effective GrooveFunnels is valuable. We just have to wait for some time for the fully functional software.

And, it’s worth our time!

How to Earn with GrooveFunnels?

If you’re wondering how to earn with GrooveFunnels then this section is what you need to go through.

  • Identify the Customer’s needs first

The key is to discover a problem that a market is facing and providing them with an effective solution for it. That simply means your product or service has to cater to the needs of your target audience.

  • Three Ways to earn with GrooveFunnels

Now, the major challenge is to find what to sell. Don’t worry I have an answer for this too. You have three ways to earn with GrooveFunnels- sell digital products, sell physical products, and affiliate marketing.

  • My Suggestions for Suitable Earning Ways

Of all the three ways, my favorite ways of making money online with GrooveFunnels are affiliate marketing and selling digital products. This is because we have all the tools needed to create digital products so there is no inventory requirement (your money is not involved). On the other hand, there is a good scope for making affiliate commissions because of the relevant tools that will help to promote the products or services of other merchants.

Is there a GrooveFunnels Substitute?

If you are finding an alternative to GrooveFunnels then I think it’s hard to impossible to find one. Many other software sales funnel software will need you to work simultaneously for email marketing, affiliate marketing, and other tasks.

Additionally, the cost of GrooveFunnels is an added benefit. In nutshell, there is no substitute for GrooveFunnels as per my knowledge.

GrooveFunnels can replace your Website. Is this true or false?


Another question that people can ask after going through this GrooveFunnels review is whether it can replace your site.

Depending on my research, GrooveFunnels can replace more than 95% of the sales & marketing platforms. So, as far as replacing your website is concerned then you don’t have to worry about it. Your website is 100% safe and secure with GrooveFunnels.

Is there any limit to the number of domains in GrooveFunnels?

If you have a paid version then you can use unlimited domains in GrooveFunnels. However, if you’re using it under base plan i.e. free plan then you can use a total of three domains so you can try out different things without spending a penny.

The best part of GrooveFunnels is that you can design your full website.

What is GrooveFunnels SEO?

GrooveFunnels is the only software with mobile-first indexing. This means GrooveFunnels has high search engine optimization capability.

The platform is designed in such a manner that search engines will prioritize GroovePages in the search results. In addition to this, it comes with great site speed that will give you an edge over your competitors.

How does GrooveFunnels Website Hosting work?

If you are curious to know how advanced sales funnel software works then you should know that your content will be hosted on this platform.

At present, if you want to establish an SSL connection then you need to connect your domain name to Cloudflare. However, it’s planned that each user will get a free SSL certificate along with your GroovePages website without making any use of Cloudflare.

This way all paid members of GrooveFunnels can take advantage of unlimited domains and sales funnels.

The feature of unlimited domains provides GrooveFunnels with an edge over other sales funnel tools (as they charge a hefty amount for extra domains).

Is GrooveFunnels MLM? Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

For this review, I wanted questions that people may have regarding GrooveFunnels. And, I was shocked to see so many people asking whether GrooveFunnels is Multi-Level Marketing or is it legit software. This question looked very important to me and that is why I decided to answer this in my review.

First things first, if you’re wondering if GrooveFunnels MLM then my answer is NO.

However, when it does have an affiliate program as a promotion technique and that’s completely alright. The company will give affiliate commissions to the affiliate marketers who will promote the software and close the sales.

All businesses do affiliate marketing as both marketers and company get benefit from each other- marketers can make money with their sales skills and the company can get sales without spending too much on marketing.

Is GrooveFunnels Legit? Yes, of course. I’m using it and can say with confidence that there is no scam in GrooveFunnels. It’s a genuine sales funnel creation platform that can give impressive ROI.

This is why I recommend you invest in this software. If you’re still skeptical of its reliability, you can try it for free- there’s no harm in signing up for free. You just need your email address and zero bucks.

Go for it!

Is GrooveFunnels Safe to Use?

As told above that GrooveFunnels is a completely legit platform for you and there should not be any safety concerns with a legit product. So, you can use GrooveFunnels without any fear in the heart.

The best thing is that the company has a dedicated security and legal department to make sure that both customers and the company are safe.

The GDPR of GrooveFunnels is scheduled to be launched this month and will fulfill the compliance standards requirements of the countries that depend on its use.

Furthermore, people are also concerned about the risks associated with using GrooveFunnels. As far as I know, there are not any risks involved!

Unlike a lot of the software in the market, landing pages created using GroovePages are also backed up in the HTML format. This means if anytime The GrooveFunnels serve goes down, you can still access the pages as HTML files on their server.

This feature allows marketers to take a sigh of relief because a lot of platforms display their landing pages from their databases. If their database goes down, their websites do not load.

Having the GrooveFunnels HTML page back up feature is another mind-boggling thing. This is where GrooveDigital is making a difference. A marketing company doesn’t even pay attention to the security of users’ content but a tech company like GrooveDigital knows its importance.

So, once again, if you are an aspirant of GrooveFunnels and want to try it out for a considerable hike in sales and marketing results then do check it out here.

Does GrooveFunnels has automated features?

The answer is- not exactly all of them.

You get access to multiple pre-designed templates within the GroovePages page builder. It comes with blocks and elements that can be simply dragged and dropped for designing a bespoke landing page.

There are also many features being developed that will enable you to do the task literally in just a click of a button.

So, some features are automated for you and if you want customization then you have to do that by yourself.

Is GrooveFunnels Software worth it?

It’s time to wrap up this GrooveFunnels review.

The value offered in the monthly plans is above average, but the single time investment for a lifetime deal makes it extraordinary.

I believe a lot of current “sales funnel software” would not be able to compete with it because it is all-in-one software.

Many other platforms will struggle in the market because GrooveDigital is a tech organization that assists you with marketing tasks.

Unlike some companies, GrooveDigital concentrates on the innovation of their applications, and the quality of the technology both at the front-end and back-end. Then, they will assist you with marketing via free training videos and free tutorials.

Whereas other sales funnel software are focused on selling you their next featured product/membership plan to take more money out of your pocket.

The difference lies in the approach to serve the customers and this is a game-changer aspect for the sales funnel software companies.

And, GrooveDigital knows well where and how to improve their software and services to become an industry leader. Here is a scenario for you- GrooveDigital knew that their customers are not satisfied with the support services. So, they got more employees on board in their support team so customers get served better.

Furthermore, this company continued to add more support staff members weekly because they aim to become a world-class support provider company.

They have added the live chat option and support ticket feature.

They also made one of the world’s top email consultants a part of their team to take care of GrooveMail, and ensure that it works super efficiently when it comes to sending email marketing messages to existing and potential clients.

In fact, the email consultant gave so many recommendations to ensure that GrooveMail would be the unmatched feature that it delayed the launch of this feature by over a month. This is done to make sure that the development team applied all of the given suggestions.

So, when people are frustrated by the delays in the launch dates, they are not considering that it is happening for quality improvement so the particular product can offer a great user experience.

Keeping in view that the company is dedicated to offering value to us, GrooveFunnels earns a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Reasons for 4.5-star rating: From my GrooveFunnels review, it’s clear that I liked this digital product very much but still I haven’t given it a 5-star rating. This is because it’s in the BETA version and many more features are yet to come. And, I can’t predict my experience with those features.

However, I love GrooveFunnels and will continue to use it.

If you already have this software or planning to get it soon, share your user experience with me.

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