Tweet   When I get home after each Camp Blogaway, Larry’s first question is usually about the Golden Pine Cone award. Who won? Were there tears? This camp, he asked, “Why do you think people cry?” That’s a fair question; he’s never witnessed the full mountain weekend (‘cuz I haven’t invited him!). At first glance, […]


Tweet Networking at Camp Blogaway takes on a completely different look than at other conferences.  That has mostly to do with the intimate size of our retreat (just under 100 campers is all we can hold!). But it is also a tribute to our alumni campers, who already know how to relax the moment they […]


How The Networking Table Works at Camp

February 28, 2014

Tweet The now-famous Camp Blogaway Networking Table is THE place for all campers to showcase… whatever!  It’s located in our main lodge, accessible 24/7 throughout our weekend, and believe us, nobody misses the table. This is where bloggers display business cards, conduct drawings, give away goodies, hand out samples, show off successes, you name it. […]

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Hotel? Convention Center? Why This Food Blogger Conference is Camp

January 29, 2014

Tweet Camp Blogaway really IS camp (but not “camping”).  Which means food bloggers here not only glean conference value — learning, networking, lightbulb moments, bonding, goodies — but also the benefits of a much-deserved retreat!  (Shhh, did someone say “boondoggle?”) Here are five experiences exclusive to this food blogger conference: In-depth breakouts on subjects from […]

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5 Reasons We Wait ‘Til January to Open Camp Blogaway Registration

October 1, 2013

Tweet We get asked every year.  “Why do you wait until January to open registration?”  We know a number of other blogger conferences open registration a whole lot earlier, but we wait for five very good reasons.  From our experience conducting camp and other events over the years: The earlier you register, the greater the […]

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Roadmap for PR Peeps ~ Tips For Fam Trip Planning

February 8, 2013

Tweet Letter to PR Peeps from blogger and Camp’s Fearless Leader Patti: Hi Guys!  Want to maximize the outcome of a blogger familiarization {aka “fam”} trip for your clients?  Here is a win-win roadmap (psst… bloggers, good insights for YOU here, too): — Who to invite?  Easy!  Start with a single blogger contact to help […]

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The Skinny On Our Big Fat SWAG Bag

January 21, 2013

Tweet   Ah, the delights of attending a conference and hauling home a big score of goodies, also known as “swag.”  But have you made it all the way home to discover your tote is full of useless junk, things that don’t match a cooking bloggers’ needs OR (ouch) a pile of press releases and […]

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If You Aren’t Following Our Speakers and Sponsors, You Really SHOULD

October 3, 2012

Tweet It’s a good bet that the relationships you build with our great 2013 sponsors and speakers can (and should) start way before you drive into the Camp Blogaway parking lot. Facebook and Twitter contacts are listed below… GO! Amy Treadwell, FB Chronicle Books @ChronicleBooks Bob’s Red Mill, FB Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, @Bobs_Red_Mill […]

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Is Opportunity Knocking? My Case For Listing Your Phone Number on Your Blog

August 11, 2012

Tweet I just reprimanded Richard. We met yesterday, exchanged cards and when I visited his website today, nowhere could I find how to email him. I did find a link to a second website. Click, click, click… where the heck was his contact info?  I looked at his card, no email listed but it did […]

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So You Think You’re Ready for Prime Time? Don’t be a Spokesperson from Hell!

November 9, 2011

Tweet If you want to leverage your expertise, blog, etc. into paid spokesperson assignments, here are my top tips for making yourself the most desirable you can to PR agency folks and their consumer brand clients.  Learn from the mistakes I’ve seen spokespeople make over the years and you’ll increase your odds of landing spokes-gigs.  […]

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What Bloggers Appreciate At PR Events

October 15, 2011

Tweet On behalf of food bloggers, this message is to PR Peeps and Corporate Folks who invite us to events – dinners, cocktail things, tours of your facility or farm with the goal of our posting about them. We love these things, we do. And we appreciate invitations, so keep us on your lists. But […]

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Techniques For Landing a Personal Sponsor

August 29, 2011

Tweet The second-most frequently asked question we get at Camp Blogaway is, “How do bloggers land sponsors to send them to Camp?” (The first is “How many bloggers in a cabin?” That answer is found here.) Without business contacts, it may seem overwhelming to start the process of landing a personal sponsor. But really, it’s […]

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Tips For Conference Newbies

March 17, 2011

Tweet Is Camp Blogaway your first blogger conference? Maybe you’ve attended others and this is your first with us.  (GULP, camp?? What did I get myself into?)  Welcome, you are here to learn, network and better your blogging, so note these tips to get the most out of your investment in time and money: Be Present. Sometimes bloggers get […]

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What Can You Offer A Personal Sponsor For Sending You to Camp Blogaway?

February 8, 2011

Tweet Camp is THE place for networking, “aha” moments and, yes, sponsors.  We are dedicated to the Corporate Sponsors who invest in making Camp Blogaway a success; without their support, Camp could never happen. We acknowledge that attending Camp often requires personal sponsor support – not a problem!  For YOUR personal sponsor, there are many […]

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What PR Peeps Love to Find on Your Blog

December 17, 2010

Tweet     MESSAGE FROM CAMP FEARLESS LEADER, PATTI:   Fellow food bloggers, my longtime PR career puts me in the unique position of having one foot on the corporate/agency side, the other in the blogging world (I publish Worth The Whisk). Recently over lunch, I queried some PR Peeps about their web surfing efforts. What are they digging […]

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How to Add A (c) or URL Right Onto Your Photos

March 19, 2010

Tweet You’ve seen other blogs and notice that their photos have a “watermark” on them, maybe a copyright (c) or their website, such as  It’s actually ON that photo… how do you get it there?  Here are the steps to do that, pretty simple: Open your photo in a photo editing program (I use […]

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5 New Years Resolutions for Food Bloggers

December 19, 2009

Here are the five top New Year’s Resolutions for food bloggers.

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The 5 Things Bloggers Want Most

September 16, 2009

Here are five top things food bloggers have told me they want most from their blogging efforts.

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Five Effective Opportunities to Promote Your Blog or Sponsor at Camp

September 8, 2009

Blogging conference, here you come! Is this your first? An old pro? Not everyone is a natural self-promoter. Yet putting a little effort into being visible can greatly enhance your attendance value.

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5 Rules of Thumb From Digital Photography Instructor, Art Ramirez

August 15, 2009

Tweet by Patti Londre, Worth The Whisk — Long, long time ago, I took a photography course.  And promptly forgot everything again, evolving into a lucky photographer.  I hung onto my trusty Canon Powershot S410 as long as possible because, I figured, my vacation shots from numerous visits to Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica were great.  […]

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