2014 Session Descriptions


Seeking a path to better your blog?  Wondering where your blog can take you?  The very best of what’s out there will be right here at Camp Blogaway May 16 – 18, 2014. 

  • NEW! — Curious About IACP? — International Association of Culinary Professionals >> Mention “IACP” in a crowd of culinary pros and the discussion will go on for AGES about how this 37-year institution has formed careers of the “best of the best.”  Julia, Jacques, Martin, Natalie, Shirley, SO many were founding members of IACP (yes, you see them at conference — except Julia, of course!), and our campers should learn more.  We’ve invited MEREDITH DEEDS, Chief Executive Officer of IACP to tell you about the group, it’s annual conference, membership benefits. Take this valuable opportunity to see if IACP is in your future.  (PS, Fearless Leader, Patti, is a 27 year member!)
  • NEW! — How NOT to Be A Blogger – Break Out of The “Blogger” Pigeonhole >> If there’s anyone who is known as a success in the area of food communications, it’s DIANE WORTHINGTON, author of 20 cookbooks, award-winning KABC radio show host, weekly national syndicated columnist for Tribune Content Providers Agency, former Editor-in-Chief of Epicurus.com and more. Her first book The Cuisine of California defined modern California cooking and was hailed as “The Bible on modern California Cuisine” by Los Angeles Magazine. The purpose of her Camp session (in a Q&A format) is to discuss how being “a blogger” may hinder moving ahead in a food career. By unbundling our blogs, we may unleash exciting career opportunities – writing, photography, media, videos, MORE.  Diane’s website + blog is Seriously Simple.
  • Savvy Strategies for Blog Contests & Giveaways >> ‘Tis better to give or to receive? Bloggers gain tons of attention AND traffic doing BOTH – conducting giveaways and contests, as well as entering competitions. Bloggers are also gaining attention for doing them wrong!  Who better to spell the intricacies out for us than KRISTINA VANNI of premier online community Cooking Contest Central.  Learn the ins and outs of conducting contests and giveaways on your blog – and how to avoid traps.  AND learn how to enter such competitions to WIN.
  • Get Packing! What Happens When You Add Travel to Your Blog >> There you are on Facebook when suddenly you see…   Ms. Food Blogger is on an all-expenses-paid blogger trip to Fabulousland!?!.  “Hey, what about MEEEE?”  Time for some Tough Love (and, of course, real world insights).  SHELLEY M. KEKUNA, Executive Director of Maui’s Ka’anapali Beach Resort Association and KIM MARSHALL, whose marketing and PR firm, The Marshall Plan specializes in drool-worthy hotels, spas and resorts from Baden Baden to Bora Bora, will present what goes into those invites and opportunities from the host’s perspective. Yes, you ARE of interest to them but don’t pack your duffel just yet, there is work to be done to get on blogger trip organizers’ radar and invite list.
  • Your Book Is Your Baby, Keep All the Control >> You’ve heard sessions on the trials and tribulations of becoming a published cookbook author. Now consider being the master of your book’s destiny via self-publishing.  Our panel of popular bloggers will tell their true-life experiences.  LAURA BASHAR of Family Spice teamed up with California Greek Girl, MARY PLATIS to self-publish their stunning e-book (an award winner right off the bat!):  Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil.  Joining them is ALISA FLEMING of Go Dairy Free and author of highly successful Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook and My Sweet Vegan. Step into their shoes to hear what it took to get their babies out into the world. Is this YOUR route to being a published book author?
  • Ideas That Rock – A Collection of Fresh Design and Content Concepts to Get Your Motor Running  >> Camp Blogaway 2013 Golden Pinecone Winner, DOROTHY REINHOLD of Shockingly Delicious had a fresh idea – visit a bazillion blogs over the year and collect the coolest stuff to share with our 2014 campers.  A longtime newspaper editor, Dorothy really knows a great concept when she sees one.  Co-panelist, graphic artist and blogger CATHY ARKLE of She Paused for Thought will deliver the artistic icing on this creativity cake to help us visualize what a few cosmetic tweaks can accomplish.  Be ready for a fast-paced, visually rich and stimulating session of ideas and imaginings.
  • Absolute Best Blog SEO Tactics for 2014 >> Original rules of thumb to drive traffic to your site (i.e. “create a blogroll of top blogs and they’ll link back to YOU!”) are long gone.  The rules have changed, um… WHAT are those rules now? Don’t fret –  CASEY MARKEE has his finger on the pulse.  As President of Media Wyse and Lead SEO Consultant & Head of Online Support for SearchEngineNews.com, he’s published 400+ articles on a plethora of online topics and has provided SEM and Social Media training to agencies and consultants worldwide. Casey’s presented Pubcon, DFWSEM, EmMeCon, the San Diego Business Council and others. Bring your questions, Casey is on the job.
  • What’s Wrong With My Shot? Food Porn Rejects >> A Camp Blogaway treasure, DENISE VIVALDO is one of the globe’s most successful food stylists and culinary producers (DeniseVivaldo.com). She returns to eyeball campers’ photos and give real world advice to make them better.  Joining her is top LA food photographer and producer of MDR Photography Classes, CHRISTINA PETERS.  They’ll tag team food photo advice to give top tips for lighting, camera angles, food styling, propping and so much more. Alumni campers will agree, be ready for solid DIY advice as well as a thousand belly laughs – Denise NEVER under-delivers.
  • Bonding With Brand Ambassadors — Sponsors / PR Agency panel >> From the brand ambassadors’ perspective, how do food bloggers get on their radar and what happens when good connections are made?  These folks are on the firing line helping their companies and clients connect with bloggers, and they have a million to choose from! So, why not YOU?  Learn how to do it right, including (a Camp Blogaway tradition), HORROR STORIES.
  • Breakout Sessions >> Consider it “personal therapy” for your blog. Suggest topics/choose a topic on-site, gather in a tranquil camp location, and discuss your nitty gritty issues. There are NO bad ideas here!
  • Parade of Bloggers >> Camp Blogaway is an intimate conference where important connections come through.  Our first evening together, every attendee is introduced, lead by Camp Blogaway Fearless Leader, PATTI LONDRE of Worth The Whisk. The goal: no missed meetups at Camp!
  • Sponsors’ Activities >> A limited number of relevant sponsors attend Camp to get to know you, and help you better your blogging with sessions including Farm to Fridge insights, sensory tastings, and hands-on activities.
  • Face Time / Free time >> Saturday, you’ll have an added opportunity to closely mix, mingle and network with fellow bloggers, speakers and sponsors. Our speakers will do book signings and sales during this time, too. Have a seat, start a chat, make a great professional friend!
  • And don’t forget to appreciate your serene surroundings here at Camp. Take a Refreshing Hike, chat with newfound friends by the Roaring Fireplace, soak up some California rays on a Quiet Deck, stay up late with peers in our Mountain Lodge, stargaze while soaking in the Bubbly Hot Jacuzzi, socialize during Wine Tasting, and more.