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This is where registered campers make connections to share rides. Once you have registered, simply add a comment and what you’re looking for (airport? Share rental car?) to connect with one another.  It works!

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Jennifer Sharp February 17, 2015 at 8:36 pm

if anyone wants to carpool from Huntington Beach/OC area let me know.



Marjorie Dau February 18, 2015 at 10:32 pm

We’re coming from the land of the north. If anyone wants to jump in with us we’ll be heading south from Fresno along I5.


Jean Layton February 22, 2015 at 5:29 am

I’m flying into LAX Friday 5/1 at 11 am, Return is 5/3 by 4:40pm
I’ll have 3 seats in my rental car.


Ethel March 11, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Hi Jean,

I get into LAX at noon on 5/1. Would you be willing to hang around and wait for me? My flight out of LAX on 5/3 is 9:25pm, but I don’t mind getting there early since I’m flying overseas. I’ll have a sorta big bag because I’m coming to the US on a 3 week trip (including Camp Blogaway!), will that me ok? I’m happy to split costs for car rental and gas.



Jean Layton March 17, 2015 at 4:11 am

I’m happy to wait for you Ethel. We would still have room for at least one more.


Vickie McCorkendale February 23, 2015 at 11:48 pm

I can drive or ride and pitch in for gas money. Leaving from the South Bay area of Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach).


Renée Butcher March 9, 2015 at 8:40 pm

I’m flying into the Burbank Airport on Friday at noon and departing Sunday at 4pm. I’d love to share a rental car with someone, or pitch in for gas if you live in the area and are driving in.


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