Camp Blogaway Prizes Just Make Ya Wanna Cry

collage 2 prizesIt’s somewhat like the Beatles’ first visit to the States, such screaming and crying with excitement!

What is it??  DOOR PRIZES at 2014 Camp Blogaway!  {screeeeeem!!}  How does one win an awesome something?

  1. Arrive between 12 and 3 PM Friday, May 16 to help set up (not just sit and sip hot cocoa), your name goes into that special drawing;
  2. If your “thing” is voted “Best Thing” on the Networking Table by your fellow bloggers, you win that prize;
  3. If you’re proclaimed the Golden Pinecone Winner, that prize is yours {bring tissues for this honor};
  4. Any other little thing also up the Fearless Leader’s sleeve.

Oh, yes, and fellow BLOGGERS may conduct drawings for their own prizes.

All this happens Sunday morning during the Closing Ceremony.


door prizes logos

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