How The Networking Table Works at Camp

The now-famous Camp Blogaway Networking Table is THE place for all campers to showcase… whatever!  It’s located in our main lodge, accessible 24/7 throughout our weekend, and believe us, nobody misses the table.

This is where bloggers display business cards, conduct drawings, give away goodies, hand out samples, show off successes, you name it.  It is also the important place for bloggers to feature their personal sponsors, if they have one.

What this helps our bloggers do includes:

  • Not worry that they cannot do any self-promotion.  Heck, go for it!
  • Try to do giveaways inside cabins or bunkrooms.  Not necessary, and besides… we are rarely in the cabins.  Too much to do in the lodge.
  • Be creative to draw attention to special products and services — sometimes not even related to our blogs.  If you have a cookbook, a product, a service, the Networking Table is your opportunity to promote.

And the special bonus is… the Networking Table Bonus Competition!  All campers have the chance to vote for their favorite “thing” on the Networking Table, and the winner will receive a fabulous prize during our Closing Ceremony.

Networking Table Collage

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