Tips For Conference Newbies

Is Camp Blogaway your first blogger conference? Maybe you’ve attended others and this is your first with us.  (GULP, camp?? What did I get myself into?)  Welcome, you are here to learn, network and better your blogging, so note these tips to get the most out of your investment in time and money:

    • Be Present. Sometimes bloggers get wrapped up in tweeting and FB uploads to keep followers back home connected. While this may feel like marketing, in all honesty, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Stop thinking about THEM and think about YOU. Listen intently, take excellent notes, absorb it all.  Then, during free time… maybe tweet a tad.
    • Sit With Strangers. If you’re here just for a break from home, OK to hang with those you know. But if you want to expand your horizons, then make a point at EVERY meal and session to sit with someone new.
    • Sleep At Home. Our venue may be serene but here, bloggers really are up and at ’em! Listen, you can sleep at home.  Here, partake in every activity. Make it to every meal. Join all discussions as late as it takes into the night. Get up early to hit the hike with fellow bloggers. Then go home and sleep.
    • Wear Your Name Badge Like a Pro. On your lapel, near your face. We should be able to read it across the table, not hunt for it in your jacket. How will fellow bloggers recall you if your badge is invisible?
    • Don’t Make It Personal Therapy. Every speaker loves good questions that apply to the full audience. But when an attendee hijacks a topic and makes it “all about them,” it can alienate other bloggers. Ask personal questions personally — there is plenty of face-time here. Ask good audience questions as an audience member.
    • But, Do Ask The 800-Lb. Gorilla. There is often an obvious (but possibly awkward) question during a session that everyone would love to hear asked. Be the one to ask it. You will certainly be appreciated as well as remembered. (PS, if you don’t… Patti usually does to get it out there for everyone.)
    • Meet and Greet The Sponsors. Introduce yourself to every sponsor at Camp, and email them again when you get home. Sponsors want to know bloggers personally – this should be important to YOU, too.  No matter that you don’t do product reviews or are looking for paid gigs, these people make things happen. Like throwing a rock in your pond… ripples!
    • Pour Thru Your Camper Packet For Ways to Better Your Visibility. We have activities, opportunities and prizes to encourage your participation. Take advantage of it all!

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