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MESSAGE FROM CAMP FEARLESS LEADER, PATTI:   Fellow food bloggers, my longtime PR career puts me in the unique position of having one foot on the corporate/agency side, the other in the blogging world (I publish Worth The Whisk). Recently over lunch, I queried some PR Peeps about their web surfing efforts. What are they digging for on your blog? It’s not recipes. Here’s a roundup of their comments…

  • I want to find your email address. If you have a form, I won’t use it.  I am constantly building my contact lists. Without your email address, you’re not on my list.  Yes, you can de-spam it with spaces.
  • I want to know where you live. Not your address, but an Idaho destination helps me see you’re not able to jump on the subway to my event in Manhattan. Canadians, the bad news is, many U.S. companies weed you out.  Don’t hide that fact from us, we will learn eventually.
  • If you want to be considered for visible gigs like spokesperson work, I want to see a real photo of you.  My job is to I match my clients’ products to the right kind of blogger.  A picture is worth 1,000 words.
  • I want to know if you have kids. Mommy and daddy bloggers are an enticing target in the food world, and if you are a parent, it helps me to know.  I understand security.  Little hands, teenaged feet in photos, that’s still helpful.
  • I want to know if you’ve earned accolades. Not those friendly badges from other bloggers.  I’d like to see earned honors for your work. From Saveur Best of the Web designations to blue ribbons from the county fair.
  • I want to know your credentials. I keep different lists.  If you are a dietitian, you go on my general list AND my nutrition list.  Published book author, chef, home economist, doctor, nurse – there’s a list for you!  Your blogging demonstrates skills – writing, recipe development, photography – but the more depth of credentials you present, the better.
  • I want MORE. Are you a runner?  A diabetic?  Vegan?  Gluten-free?  Love bacon?  Wine enthusiast? Traveler?  All helpful info!

–> UPDATE — what do TELEVISION PRODUCERS and BOOK PUBLISHERS really want to find on your blog?  Your phone number.  That’s right. There’s nothing like being able to actually leave a message in your own words, such as… “Hello, this is Homer Smith, I’m a producer of the Oprah show and want to talk about possibly being on an upcoming episode here in Chicago entitled, My Blog Totally Rocks. Here is my number, call me back pronto…”  It happens, people.  And if the fear of tons of people calling is stopping you — every legitimate business has a telephone.  Yours won’t ring off the hook, I guarantee that.

So, dear bloggers, if you want to generate more contact from people who make business decisions, help them help you.  Your ABOUT page is a great place for all of this. Yes, this encourages press releases. Just hit “delete” – a gem will make its way to you if you help the PR Peeps along.  ###


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