Five Effective Opportunities to Promote Your Blog or Sponsor at Camp

Blogging conference, here you come! Is Camp your first? An old pro? Not everyone is a natural self-promoter, yet putting a tad bit of effort into your visibility can greatly enhance your attendance value and personal satisfaction.

Many of our campers land a business to “sponsor” their attendance – GREAT!  At Camp, we work hard to ensure attendees meet and mingle, but YES — bloggers are encouraged to “think marketing,” too.  Here are five ways* to maximize your visibility, or that of your sponsor at Camp – they’re easy and cheap!

    1. Bring business cards. Blog name/logo, URL, your name, email, twitter, Facebook.
    2. Make use of the Networking Table for flyers, business cards — especially if you have been “sponsored” to attend. Consider standing out on that table. How about a Signature Recipe? A postcard from Camp? Invitation for a fun contest? Luggage tags?  Whatever you do should be easy to carry home and good enough for someone to not toss in the trash.
    3. Give away a nibble. How about a candy with your card attached? An imprinted lollypop, or other cute snack. Two things are important here – first, that your goodie doesn’t appear to give an impression you are a “sponsor of Camp,” and second, proper packaging. Don’t be the one whose goodie leaked or melted in suitcases.
    4. Wear your logo. This is easy. Just buy a packet of Ink Jet T-Shirt transfers and iron yourself up a logo shirt or apron. FUN.
    5. Follow-up. Attendees receive contact info for all our bloggers, sponsors, speakers, staff.  Making a real effort to reconnect once home is a valuable way to help you make things happen for your blog.


*Note — While here, we request attendees respect Camp Blogaway’s wonderful sponsors by ONLY promoting your blogs or personal sponsors via the methods, above.  Registered campers receive additional info on this topic in their Registration Packet.  Any questions, just email Fearless Leader and she’ll give you a hand.


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