Fearless Leader Patti LondreHello Campers – here’s the news: NO Camp Blogaway in 2016. Why?? Because the Big Daddy Conference for all foodies is coming to Los Angeles – the International Association of Culinary Professionals, April 1 – 3.

But why no Blogaway?  It has to do with OPPORTUNITY.  If I could dish up the best opportunity for my campers to reach the next level, this is IT.

Anything and everything a blogger conference provides will be at IACP plus much more beyond blogging. More networking and contacts. More sponsors to meet. More culinary education. More “aha” moments. More visions for your culinary future.

The last time IACP was in LA was the year I joined – 1987. Yup, 28 year member. I’ve attended every annual conference but one (have always regretted skipping it). I’m an Award of Excellence recipient (Marketer/Publicist). Julia Child Cookbook Awards judge. Produced the 2011 Regional Conference. Session presenter about 10 times; my “Bootstrap Marketing” in the early 90s not only sold out a 300 seat theater, but cassettes on-site sold out three times. The idea to start my blog “showed up” at the 2009 conference and within a week, Worth The Whisk was born, followed shortly thereafter by Camp Blogaway. Ok, enough about me.

It’s just that kind of event. It paved my career roadmap.

Yes, it took soul searching to choose to give Camp Blogaway a break. But I know what my campers seek, and I know what IACP delivers. Take my advice: SKIP the “blogger conferences” in 2016 and invest in attending IACP next spring. See you at IACP in 2016!

Patti Londre ~ Fearless Leader, Camp Blogaway

Blogger, Worth The Whisk